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Nova Safety

Sanitizer Cleaner 12 x 500ml

Nova Safety

Sanitizer Cleaner 12 x 500ml

Sanitizer Cleaner 12 x 500ml



Sanitizer cleaner:

Uniquely designed professional Sanitizer cleaner with optimal disinfecting re-sults.

A product based on active elements such as oxygen peroxide and PAA, these individual ingredients are commonly used by: dentists, hospitals, food industry, agriculture and meat processing industry.

Tested and approved results on micro bacterial activity EN 1276, EN1650 >log5.

Eliminates bad odours and urine smells from all type surfaces.

Spray and hygien-icallyclean“indoor/outdoor” table tops, matrasses and pillows, animal smells in carpets and on floors, door handles, all frequently touched interior surfaces.


The product should be applied undiluted at the prescribed mixing ratio using .

After application (direct spray on surfaces), allow it to act for minimal 60 sec-onds for optimal hygienic results and wipe dry surfaces using a soft (microfiber) cloth or paper towel.

Use this cleaner in combination with all Evie Blue powder based products for optimum hygienic results.

Has a lasting effect on all types of surfaces.

For professional use only.


EN1276 & EN1650 approved, alcohol and chlorine free, 100% biodegradable.

Can be used on any type water-resistant surface.


*Mix the sanitizer with warm (≥40°C) water and let it dissolve for a few minutes.

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