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Nova Safety

Ocean Mint Interior Parfum

Nova Safety

Ocean Mint Interior Parfum

Ocean Mint Interior Parfum



Parfum Ocean Mint:

Luxurious interior parfum with high performance deodorizing elements for elimi-nating all type bad smells in and around sanitary environments.

A fresh sparkling scent of mint and eucalyptus gives every environment a touch of Spa & Wellness.


Spray 1 or 2 times directly in environments up to 30m2.

The High Quality pre-compression sprayer will create a fine mist for a efficient and lasting effect.

Refill the spray bottle with the exact dosage RTU (ready to use) refill spout bag.


High performance deodorizing power, lasting effect, Fresh Mint touch

Cost efficient:

The parfum is extremely concentrated and therefor very cost efficient:

Use 1 or 2 squeezes of 1ml for environments up to 30m2.

The parfum bottle contains 500ml times avg. 1,5 ml per 30m2 is good for an equivalent of deodorising and perfume an environment of 10.000m2 per 500ml bottle.

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